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in less than two hours. you're looking at live pictures of that firefight near tracy. flames erupted around 4:30 this afternoon in san joaquin county. cal fire is investigating the possibility that a burned-out car ignited this blaze. seven planes and 20 engines on the ground are on the scene. there is the car that might be the suspect cause of the fire. at one point the flames were burning under high voltage power lines. we will, of course, stay on this situation and bring updates as needed. well, tonight we have learned the identity of a northern california man killed when a fishing boat capsized off baja california. here's where things stand at this time. as of tonight, one person is confirmed dead. seven men all from northern california remain missing. it has now been more than 2.5 days since the accident.
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and despite the length of time, families of the miss having still holding out hope. -- families of the missing are still holding out hope. we have a series of reports with joe vazquez with the very latest. >> we hope for the best and we are going to give it everything we have to find them. >> reporter: a coast guard c- 130 plane from air station sacramento has now joined the search and rescue mission in mexico. the crew of 7 plans to fly low and slow over the water. >> we are looking for people visually, also we have radar capability and we also have a turret on the front of the plane that has cameras we can also use to assist in the search. >> reporter: search teams say they still have hope because of the warm weather, temperature and calm seas that the missing tourists could be alive. firefighters and police are notvous searching the water; they are also checking all the many nearby islands in case any of the seven missing manage to swim to dry land. the survivors badly sunburned and traumatized but otherwise
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healthy are monitoring today's activities. the erik, a 115-foot charter fishing vessel capsized out of san felipe around 2:30 sunday morning in a storm. the ship is 200 feet deep. divers man to search the wreckage. >> this was a private fishing vessel that was chartered and tragically sunk off the coast of mexico. we have 19 u.s. citizens who have been rescued. u.s. consular officials in tijuana have met with them, have provided consular services to them. >> reporter: they are learning as we are some breaking news this afternoon the identity of the one man who thought he was recovered. [ no microphone ] >> he is 64 leslie yee from near modesto. the "chronicle" reports he is a former employee there in circulation.
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his family is in fact visiting with linda yee our reporter right now. we'll hear more from her as soon as we can. >> thank you. we are going to linda right now who has spoken with the family. they received the news that they have been dreading. linda? >> reporter: yes, dana. obviously, the family is in shock tonight. they are also in mourning. leslie ee did work at the "san francisco chronicle" for 37 years before he moved to ceres, california, where he retires with his family. it was after retirement that he did move here and had lived a very simple life. his family said they were told sunday evening that he was among the missing when that fishing boat capsized. his daughter lauren said he was an avid fisherman but was reluctant to go on the trip at first. >> he was just a workaholic, dedicated to his family and never put time aside for
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himself. so i really encourage this opportunity for him to go, you know, to mexico and participate in fishing because that's ultimately his passion. and initially he didn't want to go but a bunch his friends from high school, there are about 12 to 17 of them, they all decided to go and they usually always go every year. and they would constantly bug him about going. and he never could find the time to do so. but finally now that he is retired from the "chronicle" and he has all this free time he figured, why not? >> pretty fun guy? >> he was my best friend. he was -- i feel like that's really difficult to say this as a daughter. you know, you have to maintain those lines, father/daughter lines but he actually successfully guided me, you know, into being a mature adult while maintaining a best friendship. he is very laid back. extremely chill, easy-going, very hard working ultimately. >> reporter: lauren is the youngest of his three children.
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the family is understandably overwhelmed tonight, dana, because they are working out all the details to try to bring his body back. >> what a heartbreaking loss. linda yee, thank you. well, several families here in the bay area have received a phone call with good news from their loved ones saying that they made it and that they're okay. mike sugerman shows us relatives relieved but certainly not done worrying. >> reporter: the bottom line is, nobody is home yet. they probably won't be coming home until they know exactly what happened to all of their friends. >> it's joe's wife. >> call from joseph beehler. >> hi, trees sa. >> reporter: phones don't ring off the hook anymore but if they did, jackie's would hardly be on the cradle. >> are you sticking by the phone? >> reporter: right now it's the lifeline for family of those who survived this sinking like jackie's husband pete who is about as fit and hearty as a 74- year-old man can be. >> he's assured me that the other guys are fine but they are just worried about russ
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like we all all, all us wives r i can't imagine being in her position right now. >> reporter: russ batista is the man who got pete on the trip and among the missing. it's a tough position to be in relieved your husband is okay worried and maybe even a little guilty others aren't. >> i found myself thinking about what they have gone through and how horrible it must have been for all of them. >> reporter: yesterday jan askew was happy her husband was okay. >> how horrible it must have been for them out in the dark in the waters, lost, really realizing what happened. initially i don't think i understood. >> he thought he was going to drown. i don't know what they were both hanging on to what, he said he had been in the water felt like 20 hours. >> reporter: amy's 49-year-old son warren is good pals with russ and another of the missing, sean chat tuck. travel plans are currently on hold. >> until they find out about
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these two friends out there they are looking for them. he said maybe they are in the boat that sank. >> there is somebody right there. >> reporter: and still the calls and e-mails come in. >> that's his daughter. >> reporter: what's it say? >> she wants to know if we are going to do a celebration for him if he is coming back. >> reporter: there will certainly be one but it will certainly be bittersweet. in the meantime, there's getting the men's blood pressure pills, cash, credit cards and everything else that currently resides with the boat at the bottom of the sea. >> certainly their main concern is with the guys, though. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. >> all right. mike sugerman, thanks. illegal fireworks might to be blame for a fire that torched dozens of cars this morning in a junkyard at 45th avenue and international boulevard in east oakland. it took firefighters at least half an hour to put out the flames. and at least three cars were destroyed. but firefighters say it could have been much worse. >> luckily there was no wind
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and it's a little cooler so we had good weather conditions. >> the fire caused about $75,000 in damage. one firefighter injured his back fighting those flames but is expected to be okay. a brazen heist in the middle of the day. >> how a thief walked know a bay area art gallery and made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art. the program that turned downtown concord around is in trouble no matter where you live in the bay area as a voter you may be interested to find out why. bringing home the bacon just got more expensive. what's behind skyrocketing prices at the grocery store. and safe for humans but toxic for pets. the sweet ingredient that's dangerous for dogs and we're not talking about chocolate. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the day. a brazen art heist in one of san francisco's busiest neighborhoods right in the middle of the day. a picasso drawing worth several hundred thousand dollars was stolen from the weinstein gallery in union square. police say a man wearing dark glasses walked into the gallery, grabbed the drawing and then quickly vanished in a taxicab. cities across the state have been counting on redevelopment money to improve their communities. but just last week, sacramento ee him nature hundreds of projects. ann notarangelo is in concord with what's at stake for this city and how they plan to fight back. ann. >> reporter: and dana, another night of live free music here on the plaza. it's good for the community. all the programs in the state
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of california are in trouble. tuesday afternoon in concord the mayor is happy she has to wee her way through the crowd at the plaza. this farmer's market set up shop in a popular downtown an example of how a city can lay the foundation for private business to move in. some thursday nights there are 5,000 people downtown listening to music and shopping a far cry from 20 years ago. >> we would have empty buildings, empty offices, empty storefronts that weren't general rating activities that would draw people into this, wouldn't have the retail and restaurants downtown. >> reporter: the mayor used these pictures to highlights the improvements because of redevelopment money how it has revitalized a once dying downtown but last week sacramento eliminated nearly 400 redevelopment agencies and said if they want to keep those agencies, they have to pay. in concord, it would be $600 million up front and a million
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dollars each year. >> properly characterized as extortion. >> reporter: he says the league of california cities and the relate development associations are challenging the law. >> we are hearing a lot of feedback. business opposed. this chambers of commerce opposed this. affordable housing advocates opposed this. it wasn't just cities. >> reporter: the cities argue the state illegally raided the redevelopment money. >> the takeaway of redevelopment money is a violation of prop 22. they didn't remove those local funds from the local communities. >> reporter: at stake for concord is the naval weapons station which the city argues needs $250 million to build an infrastructure so private companies will move in. there are plans to turn it into homes, shops, businesses and parks but everything is on hold now. >> long term it's a big detriment and blow to the future revitalization of the base. >> reporter: legislators must have known there would be a
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fight. hoff meister points out the law has a provision in it that says if cities sue like they are they don't get any money. >> death by one water drop at a time or by a whole bucket thrown on you at once. take your pick. >> reporter: to top it off, the state raided the vehicle license fee fund so every city lose out on some money. in concord that's $240,000 gone enough to pay for 2.5 police officers or three or four maintenance workers. in concord, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. all right. i know one department that wasn't very business stayed. roberta, that was the complaint department. >> thank you very much. it was the first 4th of july in years that people weren't complaining about not being able to see the fireworks. rain in the valley from monsoonal moisture lifting up from southern california. this is a flood warning in effect for the mammoth lakes region, flood watch in nevada in kings county. this has caused thunderstorms with lightning.
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there is a slight chance of it drifting to san benito and monterey county. clouds of another sort we are dealing with. it's a return of the marine layer stacking up next to the coast. currently it's dropped the air temperature down to 58 degrees in pacifica. it's now 70 degrees in san francisco. and we jump aboard chopper 5 high in the sky where we do have plentiful clear skies inland where today's highs were up to 102 in morgan hill, now 97 in concord and livermore, it is 90 in san jose. so out and about, numbers range from the low 60s to the high 90s still. tomorrow your headlines, patchy coastal fog for openers and then a slight cooling trend begins tomorrow. subtropical moisture as noted earlier around the yosemite area and the central valley. we are talking about tonight the clouds at the coast the clear skies inland temperatures, 40s, 50s, 60s. tomorrow with the weakening ridge of high pressure, numbers
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begin to come down 60 in pacifica, 76 degrees in oakland. and notice the numbers away from the bay of water into the 90s still but out of the triple digits. outside number will be 96 degrees in danville. gradual cooling through the weekend. a deepening marine layer and temperatures low 80s at best on the weekend. that is your pinpoint forecast. thank you. when you get the receipt you will probably be hit with sticker shock at the grocery store. on the consumerwatch, julie watts says shoppers are going to have to dig deeper just to pay for the basics. >> reporter: according to the consumer price index grocery prices jumped .5% between april and may increasing the cost of most supermarket staples. for instance the price of bacon is up more than 8% and that's nothing compared to potatoes. all this has some shoppers looking for creative ways to save. have you noticed a change at the supermarket checkout. >> yes. >> reporter: when it comes to the price of grocery staples. >> they keep going up. >> reporter: but for some, the
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increased cost of bringing home the bacon is no laughing matter. in fact, the price of bacon is up 32 cents and that deli ham is up 35. but the biggest increase when it comes to the american farm bureau's 16 supermarket staples, russett potatoes are up 43 cents since april. turning to discount stores is just one way people are countering the rising costs. >> we cook at home quite a bit. >> reporter: here are a few other ways to keep costs down. when grabbing that olive oil, skip the extra virgin. choosing a lower grade will help you save. and the same is true with oat- based cereal. take a store brand or go generic. most people to you should buy in bulk but worry about spoiled food so to keep the potatoes fresh store them in a cool dark placeta . sack of apples should stay in the refrigerator and the freezer is your best bet for bacon and speaking of the
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freezer go for orange juice. use powdered milk for recipes. and skipping meat just twice a weak can save a pretty penny. with sirloin tip roast up 52 cents, a family of four can save $624 a year. now, prices for food eaten at home are up twice as much as restaurant prices. that has a lot of people eating out in spite of the tough economy. in fact, business for casual dining restaurants is up more than 2%. >> don't have to do the dishes. >> yeah. >> thank you. it is in everything from toothpaste to gum. the common ingredient that could be toxic to pets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bryan stow. his family says he doesn't have any infections, and his fever is
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some encouraging news tonight about injured giants fan bryan stow. his family says he does not have any infections and his fever is down. around they hope doctors will be able to remove the shunt in his break which could help him respond better. stow is recovering at san francisco general hospital more than three months now after being beaten outside dodger stadium. the prime suspect giovanni ramirez is in police custody but has not been charged in the attack. veterinarians have issued a warning tonight about a popular sweetener that's not all that sweet for dogs. very dangerous. dr. kim mulvihill joining us with that danger. >> absolutely right, allen. the sweetener is called xylitol. it's as sweet as sugar but with a third fewer calories and while it's a good sugar substitute for humans, it's is it not good for dogs as one bay area pet lover unfortunately found out. reporter: four years ago, a corgi named billy found a new home in san jose. the little puppy soon grew if a playful mischievous member of the family
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>> he was a very fortunate well cared for pet. >> reporter: however, this was billy just a few days ago hooked up to ivs and a catheter. the dog severely ill with liver failure and internal bleeding. >> when he actually presented to us, he had been eating along the axillary or -- bleeding in the armpit area and around the eyes. >> reporter: according to his owner, billy had got then a grocery bag and ate several packs of this sugar-free gum. the fum contains a sweetener called xylitol. it's used in many products even toothpaste. it's safe for humans but in dogs it's toxic. >> despite five days of intensive care, billy had multiple organ failure. the damage so great, he could not be saved. so billy was euthanized. his owner, heartbroken veterinary specialist dr. heidi mcclain says dog owners need to not danger. >> i personally would never buy gum with xylitol because i have dogs and if i leave a pack in
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my car or house, i just would never want my own dog to get into it. >> reporter: reports of xylitol poisonings while small are on the rise. since 2006, calls to the national animal poison control center have tripled. makers of this gum urge pet owners to keep sugar-free products away from their pets. billy's -- billy's owner wishes she had known. >> i had no idea, why isn't there a warning on the label, the owner said. >> reporter: while billy ate a lot of xylitol gum, dr. mcclain has seen toxicity with a single piece. call your vet immediately and keep these products out of their reach. it's also interesting because the symptoms can occur quickly or be delayed up to three days later they can start. so unfortunate. >> thank you. tragedy at sea. seven fishermen missing, one
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confirmed dead. what his family just told cbs 5. they are forcing me to buy a policy that i can't afford, all right, and that i don't want. >> new federal rules adding thousands of dollars to homeowners' mortgage payments. how much opting out will cost.
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our top story, the deadly boat
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accident off baja california. as of tonight one more now on our top story, the deadly boat accident off baja, california. as of tonight, one person is confirmed dead identified as leslie yee of ceres. he loved finishing but had to be convinced to make the trip. his daughter said she lost a wonderful father. >> he was my best friend. he was -- and i feel like that's really difficult to say as a daughter you have to maintain those lines, father/daughter lines, but he actually successfully guided me, you know, into being a mature adult while maintaining a best friendship. >> the erik, a 115-foot charter fishing boat capsized when a surprise storm hit it south of san felipe about 2:30 sunday morning. that ship is now about 200 feet below water.
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divers plan to search the wreckage. several people in the bay area waiting for any news of the missing men. mark sayre shows us what one family is doing to try to bring their loved ones home tonight. mark. >> reporter: well, allen, the family of one of the main organizers of this trip put together this flyer which they plan to hand out in mexico and they are optimistic that those that are still missing have survived because of the favorable conditions in the search area. >> this is actually my father- in-law right here. >> reporter: fred han holds a picture of his father-in-law during an earlier expedition. now six of them are missing in mexico. >> it's a nightmare. >> reporter: han says his father-in-law loved to fish and this annual trip was always a top priority. >> so my father-in-law, great man, loves the family and he loves his friends and loves fishing like you would not believe. >> reporter: han says the family is holding out hope are still alive including his
6:29 pm
father-in-law and his friends as well the others. >> they are all old friends, close friends, family -- some related by marriage, but basically it's a big friend trip. >> reporter: han says his family is doing the best it can under the circumstances and is in touch with both u.s. and mexican officials. >> we have been reassured by the u.s. consulate as well as the governor of mexico that they are going to expand their search. they are actually going to do everything they can at this point. >> reporter: the families have now put together this missing persons poster which they are working on distributing in mexico through other fishing groups and also in areas along the shoreline where the men could have come ashore. >> if the governments are willing to put this sort of effort into it and they have the experience in this sort of situation, i have to maintain hope that they will find them safe. one of those men from berkeley was actually on the ship with his three brothers,
6:30 pm
three of the brothers did manage to get to shore. however, mr. wong is still missing and unaccounted for. allen, the family members are being told by mexican authorities that this search will continue until at least 2 a.m. friday morning. so that's the specific information they are being given from mexican authorities. >> hopefully successful results. mark sayre, thank you. for the latest on the search, go to our website, we have an updated now on that brush fire that's now exploded to 350 acres. that has happened in a period of just over two hours. these are live pictures of the firefight near tracy. flames erupted around 4:30 this afternoon near where interstate 580 and route 132 intersect in san joaqui county. this burned-out car started it, according to the police. the car fire was reported at 4:27 p.m.
6:31 pm
the five minutes later the chp reported the fire had spread to vegetation. at least 7 planes and 20 engines are on the ground on that scene. at one point the flames were seen burning directly under high voltage power lines. tonight, at least part of the confrontation that led to sunday's deadly shooting by a bart officer was caught on tape. that's according to bart's didn'tty police chief who says surveillance video contains investigative leads. bart says the man shot on the civic center platform was apparently drunk and had a broken bottle, knife and was aggressive. one of the officers on the scene had a taser but didn't use it. >> in these scenarios, it's a minute in time, may seem like five minutes to an officer. these decisions have to be made quickly and when you have a decision to make to use deadly force, there's not a time frame to do it. if it has to be done, it's made
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and its done. >> starting on monday, all bart police officers will be required to carry tasers. bart is asking anyone with cell phone video of this incident to please come forward. in san francisco, crews working on a water main break have stopped that leak. as many as three homes near 21st and hampshire streets were damaged by the flooding. a spokesman with the city's public utilities commission says it's not clear exactly what caused the break. but if you live in the neighborhood, you can expect to have low water pressure throughout the evening. repair work is expected to be done boy 10:00 tonight. about 40 years ago, the government started its flood insurance program. that's when private companies got out of the business. now some of the bay areas say in the effort to offset a $19 billion deficit to the program more homeowners are being swept up in the government's new flood zone maps. tonight a closer look at why fema says the updated maps are long overdue and why homeowners are so upset. >> reporter: it's happening in north dakota where snow melt
6:33 pm
and rain broke a 1 30-year flood record. in april a swollen mississippi river inundated seven states again caused by record runoff. in 2005, here in the north bay, unusually warm storms caused runoff that inundated san anselmo creek and marin county. ross, fairfax, san anselmo, flooding destroyed or damaged more than 1,000 homes and businesses. >> early 1800s, rerouted the stream. at the time there was nothing but a railroad through here. >> reporter: did anyone see this coming? in san an sell motor federal emergency management agency said it did. >> it's important to remember that mother nature will do what she wants. >> reporter: fema's hand drawn flood zone map from 1977 which was the most up-to-date map available six years ago, indeed showed this as a flood zone and property owners should have had flood insurance. >> if they had a federally- backed mortgage, they would have been required to purchase
6:34 pm
flood insurance. by and large the area in the creek area was marked as a high flood zone on the fema map. >> reporter: but property owners in the bay area including janet ashley who lives on a creek in santa cruz county never needed flood insurance. janet points out, she didn't live in a flood zone. >> because fema is steaming rolling over every homeowner. >> reporter: until now. >> so i live in a canyon midway between the top and the bottom so at the bottom here is the road, in and out of the canyon, and right by road is a little creek that dries up during the summer. > let's go. >> reporter: in early may, santa cruz county notified janet ashley that fema was updating all its flood insurance maps nationwide and that she is in a special flood hazard area. see doesn't agree. >> some guy would float by with an ark and a lot of animals before that much water could come and take my house off the hill. but because my property butts up, the tail end touches that
6:35 pm
creek, i'm on the map. >> reporter: insurance agent gary churchill has been trying to explain the process to many of his clients. >> there are some problems with th mapping. they can't do individual properties. there are several areas inside the large base area that are probably higher than the surrounding area so a lot of the homes in the area might not be really in the flood zone. >> reporter: leaving janet to buyed into insurance at a couple hundred dollars a month as well as having a fight on her hands. >> they are forcing me to buy a policy that i can't afford and that i don't want. should i be covered for flood in the event a one percent probability that an occurrence will happen in a hundred years? i'll take my chances. come on. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, she may not have a choice. but there is a process for getting a property removed from the flood zone. however, it's up to the property owner to first get the flood insurance and then launch your appeal. now, thursday night we are
6:36 pm
going to take a closer look at why fema says the new maps are better and the effort in congress to eliminate the whole national flood insurance program. if you have a story idea, log to, click connect and scroll down to "closer look" and send me an email. >> reporter: coming up, millions of tons of debris headed for the california coastline. we'll tell you where it's coming from and when it's expected to hit. talking down the world's most wanted terrorist. new details about the man who was the brains behind the osama bin laden mission. and busted. the fate one man was so desperate to escape that he stuffed himself inside a suitcase. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done.
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what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. cornucopia of stuff the size of california is expected to wash up along the pacific coast in from pieces of furniture to fragments of houses a cornucopia the stuff the size of california is expected to wash off along the pacific coast in the next two years causing a headache among
6:39 pm
environmentalists. christin ayers is in tiburon to explain where all it debris is going to be coming from. christin. >> reporter: dana we're talking millions of tons of debris from the small to the large like you said, pieces of furniture to pieces of buildings all washing up to beaches and bays from canada to california. we have all seen pictures of the homes, cars and buildings that disappeared into the ocean when the tsunami hit back in march. it's that very wreckage that oceanographers believe could start washing ashore as early as 2013. the debris is expected to hit hawaii first next spring. one marine specialist told us anything that floats is fair game and could make it way across the pacific to the canadian a alaskan and californiacoasts. itt will float ashore over two
6:40 pm
years creating dangerous conditions for boats. >> the most dangerous part is collision at sea so either commercial traffic or recreational boating if they were to hit that material at sea, that's probably the biggest environmental factor. >> reporter: now, experts stress these are just estimates because we don't know exactly how much debris there is or exactly how much area it covers. they really can only guess when this debris will start washing back onshore, dana and when we'll start to see some of the debris float in. some of it experts say will be completely indistinguishable from what it was when it fell into the ocean. >> oh, sure. it will be all torn up and broken down into little pieces. but it will be interesting to see if a plan comes together over the next two years to alleviate this problem. >> reporter: you know, experts say it's fairly common for this to happen when something like this happens so i guess they will wait, see how much comes in and how long it takes and, you know, collect whatever is
6:41 pm
there. >> all right. christin ayers in tiburon, thank you. well, in the hunt for one of the world's most sought after terrorists, there have been no more important a person than a cia analyst by the name of john. the cia requests that he keeps his true identity a secret but says he has been the lead hunter for bin laden for over a decade. he was the first to put in writing the cia's lead on finding bin laden. in addition, he oversaw the collection of clues leading the agency to bin laden's compound in pakistan. one woman left the prison in mexico with some extra baggage that included her common-law husband. police stopped maria del mar arjona when they saw her pulling this suitcase out of prison. inside juan is curled up in the fetal position. arjona was arrested and charges are pending. well, if you thought
6:42 pm
tickets were expensive, just wait. >> why airfare to europe is about to skyrocket. and i'm dennis o'donnell at at&t park. he is one of the biggest surprises on the roster this season hit a grand slam in his first major league game but his defense has everybody talking about brandon crawford coming up. >> from the cbs 5 weather center monitoring thunderstorms across southern california lifting into the central valley the possibility of these storms in your neighborhood as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots.
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transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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prince william and his wife kate prince william and his wife kate middleton are expected in southern california this friday. it's part of their first official north american trip as a married couple. they the royals are coming. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expected in southern california this friday. this is part of the first official north american trip as a married couple. they have been in canada now to l.a. you can imagine elaborate preparations are already under way. in fact, the l.a. police department certainly beefing up the security. >> we have a number of officers from metro division who will be assigned to the personal presentation detail. they have made a number of
6:46 pm
security arrangements along with the british security and the state department. >> the royals are expected to stay at the british consul- general's home in hancock park for the weekend. on saturday they will attend a black tie dinner and reception and then sunday they will visit a school in the inner city. then they are expected to fly out that evening. flying to europe may soon get more expensive. the european union plans to impose carbon emissions caps on all carriers flying in and out of europe starting next year. airlines would have to pay for emissions and could pass those costs on to you and me. u.s. carriers are suing saying it's against international law. european court of justice is expected to rule by the end of the year on this. get your summer plans going. >> i had a great summer plan. 98 degrees at high noon in pleasanton and i had this lap pool all to myself.
6:47 pm
>> you ran everybody out? >> still have the raccoon marks from the goggles. that's y because i just kept swimming and swimming. whatever it takes to beat the heat because today we had a high temperature all the way up to 102 degrees in morgan hill. right there in dublin topped off at 100 degrees. but look at the visibility. it is just stellar at this hour. as we look at mount diablo and compare that with this. this is the golden gate bridge. it's live, it's our cbs 5 weather camera looking at your evening commute. we have the fog and low clouds pushing into the bay. currently it's 63 degrees in pacifica and overcast. 72 degrees in san francisco. that was the high there today actually. and it was in the 99-degree area from concord to walnut creek into livermore. low 90s in san jose. so out and about this evening, 60s coastside, 70s, 80s
6:48 pm
bayside. 90s inland. currently air temperature 87 degrees. 92 in fremont at this hour. it's a summer night. tomorrow morning waking up to areas of low clouds and fog along the seashore into the bay. no more triple digits. today was the warmest day of the week. we are entering a slow gradual cooling trend. check that out. interesting doings, subtropical moisture popping off thunderstorm activity into yosemite into the high sierra. high pressure is blocking that activity so for the most part it will lift north and east and high pressure is weakening and that's cooler temperatures for us. tonight overnight with the blanket of clouds at the beaches, 40s and 50s a few low 60s overnight lows. tomorrow's daytime times out of the triple digits to 95 in livermore. 87 degrees in san jose through santa clara. mid-80s common from santa rosa to cotati to penngrove. 93 in redwood city. the extended forecast calls for
6:49 pm
gradual cool through the weekend. temperatures coming down below averages. saturday, sunday all the way through tuesday. i'd like to thank karen and jeff for this beautiful photograph of sun-up this morning with the lilies there. and keep the photos coming to >> thank you. coming up, eyewitness news 10:00 on the cw, 11:00 on cbs 5, we're of course following the developments in the search for seven missing bay area fishermen in the gulf of california. plus a bay area pet store that stepped in to save hundreds of rats is learning no good deed goes unpunished. why the shop is struggling now to save itself. that and more on the cw at 10 and cbs 5 at 11. the giants have a surprise starter at second base. i'll tell you who. and thank you hear what happened to the golfer after he won a championship? the surprising video coming up. ,,,,,,,, i want to crush more cars.
6:50 pm
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. welcome back. giants and padres minutes away. right now the giants sit atop the national league west and like last year's team, there are some heroes on this one
6:53 pm
that weren't even supposed to be here. case in point, rookie shortstop brandon crawford is starting to come around at the plate. he is batting .333 with a home run and eight runs batted in over his last seven games. i interviewed the pleasanton product in spring training and back then, it was as a prospect of the future not a big leaguer of the present. >> players probably put themselves on a timetable at some point. do you? > they will put me where i deserve to go and i'll get the opportunity to go up when i show them i can be up there. >> reporter: alongside him, brandon crawford, when we spoke in spring training, now you're living the dream, how great is this? >> it's awesome. i mean, it's like you said, it's a dream come true. i grew up watching the team and i always wanted to play here. >> reporter: the knock on you and we talked about spring training is trying to hit major
6:54 pm
league pitching so you hit a grand slam in your first game. are you trying to concentrate on the present or reliving that? >> i mean, i go back and look at film of once in a while. >> i would, too! [ laughter ] >> i have to. but yeah, i mean, i'm trying to focus on each game as it comes really. so i'll relive it every once in a while but still focus. >> reporter: how difficult is it to try and learn your craft offensively now at the major league level when you know you should be concentrating it on a lower level? >> i mean, i feel comfortable here really. the pitchers up here obviously are really good. they are the best in the world really. so i'm just trying to process everythingage see what kind of pitches these guys have and put good swings on them. >> you're a terrific shortstop. have you seen the videos of your trick plays that have gone viral? >> i have seen it. it's funny. >> how did you acquire that? it's obviously a natural talent
6:55 pm
but did you to it was going to be that big a deal on youtube? >> no. it was richmond news station that asked me to do it and i did it for them. defense has always been a lot of fun for me. >> now, baseball is in the family. amy, your sister, is at ucla. and she is actually dating the number one pick in the baseball draft this year, garrett cole. how's that working out? >> yeah. it's awesome. i'm happy for him and both of the them. >> there are going to be two major leaguers until the family soon. >> maybe. >> i don't know how serious they are. one both writer i don't know if you know this has compared you looking like the actor john stay most. have you heard that? >> aubrey huff was the first one to say that. >> really? >> we're going to put up a picture so our audience can see. what do you think? >> i think there are similarities i guess but i don't know. >> you're living the dream. pleasanton product. football coaches out here
6:56 pm
watching you tonight. so continued success and good luck to you and the giants. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> giants shortstop brandon crawford. a great pitching matchup across the bay. last year's american league cy young award winner felix hernandez of the mariners opposed by the as trevor cahill. both have eight wins on the year. felix is third in the league in strikeouts. geo gonzalez struck out a major league best 16 batters in winning two games and second baseman weeks is the american league rookie of the month for june batting .90 in the big leagues and -- .309 in the big release and stole six bases. tiger woods is not going to play in the british open. he is still recovering from knee injuries and achilles' injuries. he hasn't played a full
6:57 pm
tournament since the masters in april. and this you have to see. i have heard a lot of things, but this is one of the all time greats. thomas la vay hasn't ruled himself out of the british open. how did he do that? after winning the french open, he jumped into a pond to celebrate, although it's only a minor fracture, he is currently wearing a cast. [ laughter ] >> you know, that's the only time he was in the water all week, guys. [ laughter ] >> that was enough. >> so we are talking about brandon crawford. if he looks like john stamos it's a much younger. >> i looks like the actor on "law and order." ask him about that next time. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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